Capacity: 150 million m3/year

Sorek sets  significant  new benchmarks  in both desalination capacity and water cost.

It provides: 624,000 m3/day   of clean potable water for over 1.2 million  people, comprising  20% of  the  municipal  water demand in Israel thus alleviating the country’s potable water shortage.

The project was recognized as a  Pioneering Milestone  Project – The world’s largest and most  advanced SWRO  plant  while  set  a new benchmark for low cost of desalinated water in BOT projects.

The plant is characterized by an Innovative design incorporating vertical  arrangement of 16″ membranes in  a  large scale facility, resulting in  reduced footprint. The use of IDE’s proprietary Pressure Center Design resulting in  high efficiency, reduced energy consumption and lower costs.

Outstanding environmental responsibility with  Minimized  marine / shoreline / land impacts thanks to smart structural design, pipe-jacking method, and reduced electrical and chemical consumption.

Project type:  Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)•

25 years

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