IDS Annual Conf. 2023

conference 2023

IDS Annual Conference 2023 - Desalination and Water Treatment – The New Era!

In Collaboration with the 20th International Energy and Business Convention

Water and energy are basic needs that will direct the paths humanity will take in the coming decades. The climate crisis, whose global effects are constantly increasing, dictates dramatic changes in the management of water resources, including planning, the scope of projects, the development of new technologies, and the implementation of sustainable processes.

Israel is renowned for its outstanding success in managing its water resources. It has built some of the largest and most advanced desalination facilities worldwide, it is a global leader in water reuse, and has one of the lowest water loss percentages globally. While Israel faced water scarcity two decades ago, it now assists its neighbors with their water crises and replenishes natural water resources.

The Israeli water economy and market is expected to undergo significant development in the coming decades, with the construction of new large-scale desalination and water treatment facilities and the expansion of existing ones. Together with its strong tech & innovation engines Israel’s water sector is attracting growing attention from local & global stakeholders, especially in the face of climate change effects.

All these interesting topics and much more will be discussed on November 22nd at the 2023 Annual Conference of Israel Desalination & Water Treatment Society, under the theme: “Desalination and Water Treatment – The New Era!” The conference is expected to host hundreds of professionals and experts from diverse fields, both from Israel and around the world, including government officials, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, investors, senior managers, researchers, technology and operations experts, finance professionals, and more.

The conference will take place at Kfar Maccabiah Hotel, Ramat Gan (Tel Aviv metropolitan), in collaboration with the 20th International Energy and Business Convention, held on November 20 and 21 at the same venue – so you can enjoy three full days of water-energy nexus program and business opportunities! The conference is also one of the flagship events during “Israel’s Water Week” (IWW).

The conference will cover various topics, including the following (the plan is preliminary and subject to change):

  • Israel’s water planning in the near and distant future.
  • Water and Carbon Capture – the winning combination to tackle greenhouse gases?
  • The secret ingredients and new technologies that make Israel a global leader in water reuse.
  • What do we not know that we don’t know? Using AI and advanced data analytics in the water industry.
  • Novel technologies that improve efficiency, performance, and reliability in water facilities.
  • Similar but different projects – innovation and constant learning in brackish water desalination.
  • Convergence of desalination and renewable energy – are we on the brink of an energy revolution?
  • New technologies for preserving water reservoirs and dealing with contamination.
  • The price of desalinated water – how low can it go?
  • Funding projects in the water sector – how to succeed with BOT and PPP?
  • Brine Mining – will wastewater become a valuable byproduct?
  • The climate crisis and environmental impacts on water facilities.
  • Advanced processes and technologies for industrial wastewater treatment.
  • How can the Water Tech industry become Israel’s next high-tech success?
  • Circular economy, chemicals, and doing more with less.
  • How can a company become Water Positive?
  • Managing risks in water treatment facilities – sea-level rise, floods, cyber-attacks, marine pollution, oil spills, etc.
  • Innovations in membrane technology.
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