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Organization Technion,The Blumenstein Family Water Information Center, Grand Water Research Institute
Description Construction of databases in water topics in Israel; Information services about knowledge and data; Assistance in retrieving the needed information
Organization website   http://gwri-ic.technion.ac.il
Address   Stephen and Nancy Grand Bldg. Technion, Haifa, 32000

Contact Person Details

Offenberger Ella
Phone  04-8234014 Fax  04-8293577   Cellular  N/A
E-mail   ella@gwri.technion.ac.il Homepage   http://gwri-ic.technion.ac.il

Index Information

Activities Sub-Activities
Databases Data
  Data Bases
Desalination Desalination Processes
Efflluent Irrigation Wastewater Reuse
  Wastewater Processing
  Secondary Water,Irrigation
  Irrigation With Wastewater And Secondary Sources
Water Engineering Water Engineering
Water Quality Water Quality

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